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Welcome to Ranch of the Red Horse

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Number: (415) 302-6222

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Ranch of the Red Horse is a certified boarding ranch in Castle Rock Colorado that specializes in horsemanship

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Ranch of the Red Horse is a private ranch hidden away on a beautiful and secluded 35acres in Castle Rock, Colorado. We offer limited boarding spots to keep our large facility extra quiet, drama free, and safe. We have all the amenities a big facility would have (and much more) but with all the benefits of being a small, private, ranch. This means you'll never crowd to use the facilities like you would at the commercial barns, and you can enjoy the peace and quiet of country life. If you want your horse to have the best quality care and are looking for a spot where you can push cows under the sun or ride out of the snow in a warm indoor, this is your place!

Ranch of the Red Horse is a family run business- primarily run by mother and daughter duo- Andrea and Bridget Rogers- who pride themselves in offering the best care for any and all equines. From the regimen of care, to horsemanship, all the way to facility set up and amenities, quality is the focus. At ROTRH horses are top priority, and running a facility isn’t just some hobby- it is our whole life!

Bridget's main focus is to work with horses to create a true partnership based on feel and hopes to do justice with the foundations left from Tom Dorrance, Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and of course Tom Mowery.